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League of Legends Download Free: League of Legends is a multiplayer video game which is developed and published by Riot Games. This game is free-to-play and supported by micro-transactions. It is a fast-paced, competitive online game that is the mixture of speed and intensity of an RTS with RPG elements, official site leagueoflegends.com

League of Legends Download Free 2018

League of Legends Download Free Windows 10

If you love playing such games, than you should download it. League of Legends have more than ten million users who are already playing this game. In LOL there are two powerful champions each with a unique design and playstyle, battle head-to-head across multiple battlefields and game modes. This game provides the endless replay-ability for you at every skill level.

How To Download League of Legends

First step is for League of Legends Download is to visit their official site, for the same. You need to click on below mentioned link:

league of legends welcome page

Now you will see the registration page wherein you need to enter required information.

  1. First you need to type your Email ID such as [email protected]
  2. In 2nd box, you need to type your username and it must be more than 3 characters in length as well as it must have letters and numbers only, no special characters such as gamer
  3. After this, you need to type your Password twice in 3rd and 4th box. Such as [email protected]
  4. 5th Box is for entering your age and always type your real age wherein first you need to select month, date and year. Btw it’s Teen certified.
  5. That’s it, now agree with terms and condition of this game and complete the registration process.

league of legends register page

If you have already done the register process, don’t worry here is the direct link for download it.

Once you have clicked on Download button, you redirect to their downloading service and for windows users, you will see exe file asking permission in your browser. You just need to click on ‘Keep’ as it’s not harmful and it’s 100% safe.

league of legends download

That’s it, latest installer was around 70 MB only, which is pretty small. But, it’s not the game. It’s just an installer, which will help you to install complete game on your windows or pc.

So, before you start the installation process, I would love to share one of the welcome video for new players even old players can watch if they have missed it, as video is pretty popular on YouTube and it has more than 20M view 😛 I told you, it’s pretty popular game and it’s popular world wide.

So, I now you are going to love this game – it’s an amazing game. I myself playing it for long term and now I’m here to help you guys from scratch.

Let’s start the installation process by clicking on the downloaded file.

Step 1
league of legends installer
Step 2
league of legends installer page 2
Step 3
league of legends installer page 3

Install the league of legends

Now you will see, 1650 MB game file on your screen. Once the game is installed open it up to begin patching. The patches are free updates they add new content to LOL. Once the game is patched, click play and the main game client will open.

league of legends client

Now you need to login your account

Login the account using the details which you used to create your account. If you are logging in for the first time you will have to pick a Summoner name. It is the name of other players will see you as, and call you by. So be sure that it’s appropriate as inappropriate names aren’t accepted.

league of legends game

The Summoner Name is how other players will know you.

  • The length of the name must be 3-16 characters.
  • All the letters, numbers and spaces are allowed.
  • The name must not contain profanity.
  • The name must not contain the word Riot as it is reserved for the Riot employees.

Play the Tutorial OR SKIP It!

To do the same you need to play the large button on the top of the screen. Click the tutorials, then type tutorial you want to play. You must go through both the tutorials so that you can grasp the game.

Be ready to play

The time has come to play League of legends. If you are playing this game for the first time when it’s wise to start off with playing against bots in Co-op vs Al games. The pre-programmed are much easier as compared to the human players, to apply the basics which you learned through the tutorial can be done will less hustle. Start by clicking the large button at the top of the screen click select Co-op vs. AL and choose the mode and the difficulty you can.

Start the fun

After matchmaking system finds a game for you. You will see many different champions, but some will be selectable from them. You will get 10 champions every week which will be available for free. Now select the champion you like to play. Simply you have to make a decision on the one who looks the most fun to you. In other words, the game will be really fun.

See the loading screen

Once the loading screen opens, you will see the game is only small moments ahead. After the loading of players, you need to go ahead and move to one of the 3 lanes on the map. You can check your location on the map in the bottom right corner of the screen. You need to ensure that no lane will remain empty.

Kill Minions

Minions will spawn at around 1 minute and 30 seconds. You can see the timer at the top right corner. Other champions will now the in the same lane as you and minions also be there. Each minion gives you an experience and also provide gold if you deliver the killing blow to it. So the minions are required to your success. It is called the last hitting and harmful to success but the practice makes perfect here.

Attack the champions

Attack enemy champions whenever you are safe to do the same, it helps to lower their health. This step is called as harassing or poking. You will see that there are towers on both your side, as well as the enemies. The enemies hurt quite a bit early on, so be sure that you play in a safe manner. Once you see the enemy is low enough, go in for the kill. You will get a reward with a large amount of gold once you kill an enemy.

Spend you Gold

Every time when you want to go home or back to the base in order to spend your hard-earned gold. As you back at base, click on the shopkeeper to open up the store. Here you will see the very large list of items which you can buy. Sticking to the suggested items is recommended to start. Buying these items is always the right choice as these items are usually the best to be a champion.

Finish the Game

Return to lane with your newly purchased items, you will require continuing attacking and destroying the enemies towers. There are 3 in total, the last of them is called the inhibitor turret. Destroying it will give you the access to the enemies’ inhibitor. When it is destroyed, super minions will spawn from your base. The minions have significantly more health and deal more damage.

Focus on winning the game

After the inhibitor’s destruction, you need to begin taking out the enemy Nexus turrets. These are the two turrets right outside the big circular gem which is called Nexus. As these two turrets fall, the enemy Nexus is destroyed you will win this game.

Consider your score

The results screen shows your score, all the data with the statistics will display on the screen as you performed in the game. You can see how much experience and IP you have earned. The IP can be used to buy new champions. After the purchase, these champions are permanently unlocked and you can play at any time you like. The experience will give you access to additional perks like new summoner spells and mastery points.

Enjoy the game and have fun

Have fun playing this game good luck. Don’t worry! If you are not able to play it well, as it’s a matter of practice that makes your perfect.

About League of Legends

League of Legends game was released in the year 2009, and since it has earned the popularity. By July 2012 the game was played PC game in North America and Europe in terms of duration of hours played. In January 2014 more than 67 million players played this game per month.

Currently, there are 138 champions in League of Legends as of 23rd August 2017. The game divides its champion’s types up a number of ways. The most important difference is the type of damage a champion deals. So, league of legends download free from here.

Advantages of League of Legends

League of Legends is beneficial for your physical as well as mental health. Apart from this game is not limited to the young players, it is also useful for adult gamer too. This game has gained the popularity among the players across the globe. There is no doubt that this game has a large number of advantages.

Relax your mind: Playing LOL will help you to relax your mind. No matter if you are a student just returned home or an employee that has a really rough day at your office. There is no better way to remove your stress other than playing this game. LOL helps you to focus on it as a result of which you forget all other things that are bothering you. It’s a good option to canalize you aggression through a nice match between you and your opponent. Simply it’s a way to find the peace of mind without hurting anyone.

Improves your eye response: The game improves your eye response, this game has a lot of details which requires you will have to sharpen your senses if you want to win in this game. You need to able to click the right place at the right time and that needs a great amount of accuracy.

Improves your multitasking skills: As League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena as well as the partially role-playing game. While playing this game you need to manage several things at once. In this game, you need to select the units, browse the map and use spelling these all task are very helpful to improve your multitasking skills and ultimately keeps your brain alert and functioning properly. The multitasking skills help you to finish multitasking activities on day to day basis.

Increase the ability to respond quickly: Many times we need the ability to respond quickly to different situations that are required the most. In many cases, it even means to our lives. The League of Legends gives your ability to improve your reaction time. In order to get a good score in this game you must look via map quickly and use the best tips on the field immediately. It requires the fast reaction time and you can enjoy the non-stop action.

Great fun: If you really need fun in League of legends then it’s a great way to have some fun. The excitement of this game will certainly boost your mind and ask you feel happy when you finished it.

Let’s get started League of Legends

League of Legends is one of the most popular video games in the world which has more than 30 million players around the world. Out of which 5 million peak concurrent users as high. I am going to mention some instructions that will help you how to begin playing LOL. The basic mechanics of this game will provide general tips how to succeed in this game. It is a free video game in the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena). The general game is to be played in 5v5, but other modes are also there for support.

To play this League of Legends you will need

1. Computer Windows or MAC iOS
2. Internet Connection
3. Keyboard and Mouse

Modes of League of Legends.

Summoner’s Rift: This mode is most commonly used in the Field of justice. Summon Rift is located in a remote forest between Freljord and the iron spike Mountains. The Rift is one of a few locations in Valoran where magical energy is in its greatest application. The forest in which the Rifts resides was the site of various battles between two summoner factions which are symbolized with the Slag and Owl crests, they find out to use the natural magic energy of the area for their personal use. This mode takes 30-45 minutes.

Twisted Treeline: The second Field of Justice to LOL is Twisted Treeline, features two lanes and teams of three champions. The champion begins to play with the higher starting goal total than Summoner’s Rift, frequent team fights and sparking fast engagements. A single centralized forest between the lanes holds capturable altars that boost battle over neutral objectives and frequent ganking. The time taken by this mode is 20-30 minutes.

Dominion/Crystal Scar: This is a Field of Justice in League of Legends designed for Dominion game mode. The arena is in the village known as Kalamanda. Dominion was disabled as on 22nd February 2016. But the Crystal Scar assets are still used for Rotating Game Modes Ascension and obviously not for Dominion.

Tips to Win the League of Legends

Take breaks

It is important to take breaks after some time it keeps your mind fresh and the chances of winning will increase.

Watch your own gameplay

Watching your own play as a spectator give you an opportunity to check your mistakes that you may be unaware that you are doing. You can check the same and work on the same.

Don’t obsess over winning

You cannot get success if winning is your only goal for this game. You need to focus on the better and use the losses in LP as payment to get better.

Focus on small champion pool

Select few champions that give you some master techniques to play this game.

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