How to Contact League of Legends Support Team? [ Help ]

How to Contact League of Legends: One can get stuck at any point especially when you are new to the ball game of the industry. The same is true for league of legends gamer as well.

Sometimes, you are just not sure where to proceed forward in many ways. And if you face the same situation many times, it is better to get in touch with the LOL support. But how, if you ask!

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Initially, you must visit the official page of Riot games. The link followed to the support center is for League of Legends Support Ticket on Hold.

How to Contact League of Legends

When the page opens up you will find many common troubles that gamers generally face on the interface with associated quick links of the same. Some of them are:

How to Contact League of Legends Support Team?

Blue trouble essence: if you are stuck on the platform where it is difficult for you to find the blue essence, you must click on the tab for the support center to help you better.

Account Management: If you have an existing league of legends account and wish to modify or change some information in the same, this tab will your best with the same.

In-game Issues: many gamer get stuck with low FPS and lag which makes it really impossible to proceed further. This tab will forward your trouble to the support team directly.

League of Legends Help and Support

In-client Store: Many high-class gamer are interested in buying the true content with RP. And if you are one of them and need help from the support team, this tab is for your aid!

Login issues: If you are facing troubles accessing your account and log in, then click on this tab for the support team to guide with rightful steps.

Client & Patcher Issues: Troubling issues at the initial stage of the game can be really tricky. And if you think you are facing such issues, click on this tab for the support team to guide you.

League of Legends Submit Support Ticket

Buying RP: Some players like to take it smooth by buying errors and different choice of payment and charges. And if you think you would like to enjoy one of those, click on this tab.

Promos & Events: What is the free stuff available in the basket of League of legends along with temporary events of Riot games, this tab will help you with entire information on the same.

Competitive Play: In order to know about season rewards, tiers, and math making procedure, you can contact the support team by clicking on this tab.

League of Legends Live Chat

Protecting your account: Account theft can be a big trouble for expert gamer. In order to learn tricks and tips on how to avoid the same, click on this tab.

Reporting & Suspensions: If you want to report any of the players of LOL and wish to know about bans and suspensions of the players, the support team will help you with entire information through this tab.

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So you can list down what type of troubles you are facing in LOL and contact the support team accordingly. How to Contact League of Legends.

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