How To Join World Championship of League of Legends? [ 2018 ]

How To Join World Championship: If you think that the world of gaming is restricted just to your systems and consoles, that’s not it. Speaking of the gaming world, league of legends championship is one such platform where expert gamer around the world compete for the championship title.

Such an excitement and enthusiasm just to join the league is crossed all boundaries. In fact, many gamers are playing LOL just to be the part of the championship. So let’s understand how you can join the league of legends championship.

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How To Join World Championship of League of Legends

If you think that getting selected for the championship is going to be a cake walk, you might want to reconsider your thoughts. Because there are many teams and players striving hard just to get selected, but the competition is a real tough deal here! But, what you really need to do. If you ask! Following guidelines will help you with factors to aid you in the nominations of the championship:

How To Join World Championship of League of Legends?

Level 30: It is vital that the team must have crossed at least 30 levels. This is important because only then, you will be categorized into gamers with crisp knowledge about the game.

Ranking: Gamers must play ranked in the entire season. Not only playing ranking will help, but one must sustain qualities at the ranking And thus, it is crucial to be good at your ranked position too.

Join the team at Ranked: Now, you will be offered to play with the team of expert gamers. You can join the ranked team and train yourself with bits and pieces of tricks that will help you in the championship.

League of Legends World Championship 2018

Climb to the 5v5 ladder: The struggle starts here because you need to compete with champions here and make sure that you are climbing to the top level of the ranked Only then, the opportunity will be under your name.

Promotion Series: There are promotional series which are released before the championship. Make sure you qualify for the same at a ranked position at top 5 levels.

Place at top position: In this promotion series, your target must be sustaining a higher position in the series that will help you join the championship directly. It won’t be an easy task to sustain that position.

How to Qualify for League of Legends World Championship

Be a part of the championship: Now is the real deal. You will now be qualified for playing world championship after being rewarded at a high-level position in the series. Believe me: the journey is not going to be easy. But your passion for league of legends will help you with better motivation and enthusiasm to be part of the championship.

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What do you get if you win the championship?

If you think LO championship is just a small battle than you are mistaken. The winning team of the championship is awarded:

  • Summoner’s Cup weighing 32 kgs
  • Championship Title
  • $ 1,000,000 championship prize

LOL Championship Points

Oh yes! Now we are talking! Excited already? I am sure just gazing at the winning price might have boosted your enthusiasm already. So play hard and join the championship, because it’s all worth it! How To Join World Championship.

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