League of Legends Characters: Each And Every Female and Male!

League of Legends Characters: If I have to name a game which includes powerful characters that take the gaming experience to a level of realistic realization, then League of legends is one name that scores number one on the list.

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If you are wondering what makes LOL such a powerful game, then it’s the following list of characters that bring the best competitive edge to enjoy with:

League of Legends Characters

League of Legends Characters

Aatrox: He is one of the greatest champions I League of Legends where he fills the well of his blood whenever an activity is updated. But it works opposite as well when he died when any other blog is added to his well.

Ahri: She is a precision type of champion in League of legends that ask for good numbers of precision if you really want to pull off the best abilities in her.

Akali: if you are looking for a champion with same abilities as Ninja, this is the perfect choice for the same.

Alistar: He is known as a version of DotA which is built by Guinsoo. And his voice is dubbed by Harlan Hogan which is a popular voice in Warcraft 3 as well.

League of Legends Male Characters

Amumu: If you are stuck in a tank, then Amumu is the best strategy champion in league of legends.

Anivia: he is known as the DPS mage champion ruling the strategies of league of legends

Annie: Popularly known as the dark child, she shares the innocent passion of ruling the world with shadow companion of bear

Ashe: Ashe is known to play under range which is damaged while she keeps the foes distant from the aim of the slow constant speed

Aurelion Sol: Popularly known as The Star Forger, Aurelion Sol is a celestial dragon that shares the power of moving and creating stars in the world of league of legends

Azir: He is known as commander leading sand soldiers for dealing the damages in the world

Blitzcrank: He is known as great Steam Golen which can be built as the tank, caster and physical DPS as well

Brand: He is known as the fire-based champion of caster that can sync his capacities and power to create massive damage

Caitlyn: She carries physical DPS capabilities in league of legends

Cassiopeia: She carries a capability to poison her foes

League of Legends Female Characters

Cho’Gath: He is known as a character of tank class popularly known as The Terror of The Void

Corki: Corki carries physical as well as cater DPS power in league of legends

Diana: She worships sun and known as Solari tribe who can destroy anyone fighting the power of moon

Draven: He is known as attack damage character that can throw his axes and destroy his enemies

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Ekko: He is known as the boy shattering time includes the power of slippery that can use the time to damage his enemies

Elise: She is known as the spider queen I league of legends

Evelynn: She is known as the Widowmaker popular as a playable character in league of legends

Ezreal: He is known as prodigal explorer of league of legends

Fiora: The grad Duelist, Fiora is a popular champion of league of legends

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