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League of Legends Online: Are you looking forward to experience the amazing characters of league of legends? The following steps will help you how to play LOL online.

In order to play online, just visit the official website of league of legends and download the game. It might take a while so hold on because your wait is all worth it!

League of Legends Online Tournaments 2018

Once the game is installing, you must path the same. Such patches will help you with free updates and content in long run. Now click on ‘play’ in order to land to the client page.

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League of Legends Online Tournaments

You must log in with the same details you entered while creating account on the site. You will asked for ‘summoner name’ if you are logging for the first time. This is will be your displayed name in the community that other gamers will see while they see you online.

League of Legends Daily Tournaments


Now you will be asked to watch the tutorial type in order to understand the actual game plan of league of legends. It is recommended that you watch both the tutorials for the better understanding of the game.

Play Time!

If you are playing for the first time, I would recommend you to play against bots in Al games versus Co-op. This way you will learn the basics of the game without being frustrated on the real community gamers.

League of Legends Tournaments Euw

Choose the Champion!

This is the best part where you choose the champion to fight your battle against other gamers. Every week you will get free champions you can select from and win the battles to unlock others.

Slaying the minions

You will find many enemy minions and it is essential for you to slay those in order to succeed in the game. If you succeed in ‘last hitting’, you can get gold for the same.

Time to attack the champions

Now the real game begins where you have to attack your enemy’s champions with your possible powers. The main aim is to reduce their energies, and the name for doing so is called ‘poking/harassing your enemy’.

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Spend the Gold

You must shop from the store as the base level. The store will help you buy some amazing features that will help your champion to grow stronger. This is what gold is really for! But for doing so, you must go back to home and shop in the store.

Finish the Game!

There are three levels in order to finish the game. The last one is ‘inhibitor turret’ where you can use new features that you bought from the store and use against the champions of your enemies. Once you defeat the champion, the super minions will start spawning from the base.

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Ponder the score!

The result screen will help you analyze your score as well as your enemies. This helps in scanning the performance of each gamer online. This score board is really helpful if you wish to work out better on your skills. It will help you develop what is better in your enemies and where you must work in order to become the ultimate champion.

Free League of Legends Tournaments 2018

So enjoy the game and make sure your belly is full before you start the game. Because the experience becomes so addictive that you might just skip meals without knowing it. League of Legends Online Tournaments.

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